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Basic Info: Version 1.1

Triumph! uses a variant of the standard ancients basing system. Most frequently this is 15mm figures on 40mm wide bases and 25mm figures on 60mm wide bases. However, the rules are base-width independent and work with bases of any width.

Army Size
Triumph! uses a lightweight point system, so there is some variation in army size. For the standard game, most armies are in the range of 12 to 16 stands.

Game Board
The standard game board is rectangular, 24 base-widths wide and 16 base-widths deep. This works out to a little larger than 3’ x 2’ for 15mm figures on 40mm bases.

Time to Play
From set-up to finish, a game of Triumph! usually takes about one hour to play.

Game Design: Foundations
Fresh approach to Troop Types
Triumph! troop classifications have been carefully considered from top to bottom, and designed to best represent what we know about the historical troops. The most significant innovations come through meaningful differentiation of the lower quality troops and the use of a lightweight point system. This is a new approach to categorizing historical troops and representing historical armies, all captured in an extensive, fresh set of army lists. It’s all about equal power armies, not equal size armies.

Game Board
Rectangular game boards open up the flanks, while keeping the core of the armies in historical proximity. The game board will be playable on normal tables and the shape minimizes the effects of the edge of the board. Combined with our innovative card-driven terrain system and historical deployment rules, battles take on a look and feel that more closely resembles historical accounts.

Triumph! uses a unique terrain system that allows players to influence the amount and type of terrain on the game board, while removing precise player-controlled terrain placement. This will eliminate a player’s ability to place overly symmetrical terrain or place the same terrain configuration for multiple battles. The terrain system is joined to an established Invasion and Maneuver system; the resulting set-up process generates interesting and fair terrain with a strong historical feel.

Battle Cards
The addition of battle cards provides an opportunity to add army-specific capabilities without burdening the core rules. Battle Cards allow the armies to have the kind of flavor that makes each army unique and historically accurate, but without burdening the basic game mechanics.

Simple but Challenging
Core game mechanisms for movement and combat have been carefully thought through and balanced to work together smoothly. The end result is a set of rules that keep game play simple and easy-to-learn, while providing the kind of depth and challenge that keep players coming back to play again and again.

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