Robert Mastrud Aeronefs


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Argentina -1*Fleet Pack 1 -1*Libertad -1*Torpedo Floatilla Brazil -1*Fleet Pack 1 -1*Fleet Pack 2 -Torpedo Squadron -2*Barroso Class Patrol Chile -1*Fleet Pack 1 -1*Torpedo Squadron -1*Constitution -2*Condell AA Frigate -2*Pinto AA Cruiser -4*Serano Frigate Spain -1*Carrier Pack -1*Torpedo Floatilla -4*Halcon Fighterx6 Accessories -Round AA Turrets -British Medium Turrets Merchants -1*Belchan Class Coaler -1*Frampton Bulk Freighter -2*Cactus Light Freighter -1*Hudson Coal Tender -1*Stirring Class Liner -1*Nightingale Class Hospital Ship
Dark Age Civilians [1C-DACV01]
Dark Age Civilians [1C-DACV01]

Highly detailed and easy to paint. No mold lines or flash. H...