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A long time ago in a country far, far away (Spain) there was a miniatures brand called "Fantassin." They made 15mm Napoleonic figures as well as 20mm World War 2. As they grew their ranges they expanded to include the Carlist Wars, the Spanish American War, as well as starting in to ancients. As they did so they had a bad habit of changing their name. They were known as Fantassin, then Warmodelling, then Battle Models.

Then they changed ownership (I am fuzzy on details) in a merger and changed their name again to Capitan Studios. At this time they expanded in to a few 28mm figures, as well as 15mm Naval crews and some laser-cut gunboats for their game Gunboat! The figures were then actually moved to the UK to be cast by Stonewall Figures.

Meanwhile, the original owner and sculptor was suing claiming the rights to the figures should have reverted to him. While pursuing his case, he founded Xan Miniatures and began sculpting Napoleonic figures anew. A recent decision in the case means he will regain rights to the original sculpts and he plans to re-release them. Sculpts will be updated and new molds made to bring them up to standard.

Whatever brand name they go by, these excellent figures should now be back on the market with high quality sculpts and excellent castings.

Dark Age Civilians [1C-DACV01]
Dark Age Civilians [1C-DACV01]

Highly detailed and easy to paint. No mold lines or flash. H...